Watkin's Glen - August, 2001

Track walk

328-2825_IMG.jpg On our first day at the track, on our way back to our campsite, we saw this little dog running along the highway in the middle of traffic! 328-2829_IMG.jpg Callie named her "Big Girl". We drove around the area knocking on doors but no one admitted to owning her. Finally, on the second day, a call to one of the local animal shelters got us in touch with the owner..
328-2836_IMG.jpg Turn one, going into the climbing esses. 328-2837_IMG.jpg Looking back at the climbing esses.
328-2838_IMG.jpg Braking zone at the end of the back straight. 328-2839_IMG.jpg Entry into the bus stop.
328-2840_IMG.jpg 328-2842_IMG.jpg Looking back at the carousel.
328-2844_IMG.jpg Downhill into the laces. 328-2845_IMG.jpg Coming into the Toe.
328-2847_IMG.jpg Up, through the toe into the 'sole' of The Boot. 328-2850_IMG.jpg Around the heel and up the hill, through the offcamber left-hander.
328-2851_IMG.jpg Short straight between 9 and 10. 328-2853_IMG.jpg Turns 10 and 11 .
328-2854_IMG.jpg Front straight. 328-2856_IMG.jpg

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