Virginia International Raceway, Zone 2 - April, 2003

STA_6859.jpg I think the horse was still crated last time we were here.. Or maybe it was the time before that. It is all a blurrrrrrr!!! IMG_6848.jpg Due to changing weather conditions, I believe we changed the tires no less than 10 times in three days!
IMG_6844.jpg Marc taking a rest. IMG_6851.jpg Callie promised me that I'd need suntan lotion!

This was Conrad's very first trip to the track! Callie stayed home this time..

IMG_6843.jpg Conrad taking a rest.. IMG_6847.jpg Hey! This chair is bigger than mine!
IMG_6855.jpg IMG_6856.jpg

One lap of VIR, roughly 13.5mb. Yes, I know the video is very green!!

IMG_6857.jpg IMG_6868.jpg Yep. It is big and orange and wicked fast!
IMG_6872.jpg IMG_6873.jpg
IMG_6874.jpg IMG_6846.jpg
IMG_6849.jpg I'm ready to go home now! STC_6861.jpg It's the famous VIR tree!

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