Virginia International Raceway, Zone 2 - April, 2002

RedCar.jpg For the second time, we drove south in April to VIR - one of our three favorite tracks. This time, the car would be shared with Marc Robataille. Chris, who was 8 months pregnant would not be driving.. OnTheTrack-02.jpg This would be my first time instructing. Here, Marc is coming into the Nascar bend.
Other928.jpg Although there are usually very few 928's at the track, VIR always seems to have a couple..

Here's a couple very nice S4's.

OnTheTrack-04.jpg Unfortunately I can't remember who was driving them!
InTheCrowd.jpg OnTheTrack.jpg
PlayingFrisbee.jpg Marc&CAM-02.jpg
Marc&CAM-03.jpg Marc&CAM.jpg
FullCar.jpg Yep. It is a full car!

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