Mont Tremblant, Rennsport - September, 2003

This time we're driving Marc's '83 928S. The car has a stock drivetrain with upgraded brakes and suspension and a gutted interior. Although it was originally spec'd at 220hp, we'd be amazed if it has more than 200hp! Our last trip to Mont Tremblant, in this car, in August, the clutch broke, then the coolant tank ruptured and then the rearview mirror fell off. This time the only real problem was the starter gave up so we got to push the car around a lot.

IMG_7933.jpg Although we've been to Mont Tremblant almost a dozen times, we have almost no pictures of the track! IMG_7938.jpg The lake next to the track is quite picturesque..
IMG_7941.jpg IMG_7939.jpg

This video is about 13mb long! - It is one full lap of MT

This video is about 22mb long! Marc is driving, unfortunately the camera turned off after one and a half laps, including the warmup lap.